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Version 0.2.0
Version Date 21 August 2014

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New features / content[]

  • The basic functionality of the base is now working:
  • Receiver: Drop off point for resources
  • Power Source: Consumes wood to power the base & shield
  • Resource Silo: Stores resources, ready to be refined, delivered or fabricated
  • Delivery Cannon: Blast resources back to Earth for currency, spend currency on crafting recipes
  • Refinery: Turns raw ore into usable refined resources
  • Fabricator: Craft refined resources into vehicle blocks and unlock new crafting recipes

Known issues and bugs[]


  • The shield does not repel enemy vehicles yet.
  • Checkpoint challenges can load the wrong biome.
  • Trees can sometimes spawn in a fallen state.
  • At the base, when the refinery has 2 different pinned items in its queue, it will grab 2 resource chunks from the silo, but the output will only be as if one resource chunk went in.
  • At the base, when adding an item to the delivery cannon's queue, left clicking on the queue item quickly will return a multiple of the proper amount of money back.


  • In the Main Menu, it's possible to rotate the camera.
  • The cannon weapon is firing at the same rate as the machine gun and should be a lot slower.
  • When taking a vehicle snapshot, the button remains active and it's possible to click it again to create a blank thumbnail image.
  • It's possible to double-click onto the base which you're not supposed to be able to at the moment.
  • The sapphire crystal cacti are not casting shadows.