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Venture is the third corporation in TerraTech. It specializes in speed, mobility and functionality in fast conditions. It is known to be the hardest corporation to level up, due to the spawn rarity, small enemy techs size and mission XP.

Lore and Information[]

Venture was a corporation that sold extreme sports equipment and organized huge motorsports events back on Earth. To Venture, the intergalactic mining effort is just the next big adventure. It's not so bothered about big weapons or efficient mining equipment but rather, extreme sports. It isn't just selling buggies or dirt bikes, it is selling the wildest ride around.

Venture is all about light chassis, thick grip-dirt tyres, shock absorbers and large spoilers. Its vehicles are covered in sponsorship stickers like rally or F1 cars and its windshields look like orange reflector sunglasses. Venture are the corporation where we will build on the premise of ‘falling-with-style’ - so most of the boosters and wings that are in the current demo of TerraTech will likely find a home as part of the Venture set in time.

TT Official Description[]

A charming, charismatic extreme sports champion and businessman starts a new company selling a grand adventure to any and all who are brave enough to take up the challenge. Tricked out jet buggies, coated in bright decals, sponsorship stickers and caked in mud, blast across the landscape looking for thrills and riches in an unexplored world. Adrenaline junkies looking for the next big wave to ride.


Unlike the other two predecessors, Venture's blocks are light with low health and this applies to all of their blocks. They also have a wide variety of accessories, wheels and flight blocks to further augment this, with agility bearing most of their advantages. Planes, Formula One Racers, Monster Trucks are all great possibilities. In terms of weapons Venture offers weak but rapid weapons that chip away at their target while maximizing accuracy.


License Acquisition[]

GSO inventory icon smul.png License 3 - Race Against Time


Grade 1:

Venture inventory icon smul.png Plateau Run

Grade 2:

Venture inventory icon smul.png Learning to Fly
Venture inventory icon smul.png Mine Island Rescue

Grade 3:

Venture inventory icon smul.png A Slippery Slope

Repeatable missions:

Venture inventory icon smul.png Races
Venture inventory icon smul.png Supply Drop
Venture inventory icon smul.png Tech Gang
Venture inventory icon smul.png Defend Friendly Tech
Venture inventory icon smul.png Runner


  • Venture is one of the three corporations in the game since its global launch, along with GSO and GeoCorp.

Concept Art[]