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Future confirmed updates[]

ETA Unknown[]

  • Multiplayer

The Road to 1.0[]

All information in this section is from the Road to 1.0 blog post. The things in this section should happen before or be included in the 1.0 release.

Source-Road to 1.0 blog post.


Floating Islands-No other details on this topic.

More diverse scenery- pictures on the blog show a rocky purple moonlighted biome and diverse wood textures.

Corporations & Backstory[]

Invaders as if they were players-building bases, sending out AI, competing with the player as an enemy prospector.

Another corporation-unknown which of the Upcoming Corporations it might be.

Challenges in campaign mode, like the old challenges that were replaced by Gauntlet Mode, but in the Maingame.

Nocturnal Enemy behavior-read the blog post for more info.