TerraTech Wiki

This is a walkthrough guide, for players that are new to the game. The guide will walk players through step-by-step.

Initial game configuration[]

After launching the game for the first time, a window will display asking for configuration settings, with a tab for graphics and another for Input.

  • Graphics - For players with a good graphics card, select the highest settings. Otherwise, select the minimum. These settings can be changed later for a faster frame rate or a better picture.
  • Input - Ignore this. These settings have no connection to the game, and do not work. All available settings are found within the game itself.

After the settings have been adjusted, click "Play!" to launch the game.

Various text will show on the screen, including the current version. Steam versions are more up to date than most Humble bundle versions, due to difficulties with updating the Humble versions.

New players will receive a prompt asking for their player name.

The start screen.

Start screen.

Main menu[]

  • Profile - Below the Title Screen, allows you to select accounts in the game to play. Tech Data saved by you or Invaders sent by you will also have that account's name.
  • New Game - Opens a menu with four (five, if you own the R&D DLC pack) options to choose from.
    • Challenges menu - Sumo and Gauntlet can be found within the Menu.
  • Continue Game - Play the last save game (Option only displays if a save is available and not in version conflict)
    • Load - Load the saved files from your computer.
  • Options menu - Sound, controls, graphics, and camera options
  • Exit - Close program to desktop

Game help[]

  • Frequently Asked Questions Updating, R&D packs etc. Go here for basic explanations of things about the game, rather than gameplay stuff.
  • Gameplay tips how to get started and get things done.
  • Disaster Recovery Argh, help! Stuck? Go here.
  • Pro-tips Explanations of some of the odd things in the game, and how to do some clever things.
  • How To Build How to construct Techs to solve specific problems.
  • Gameplay Changes How things have changed in the latest build, and things to be aware of.