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Hawkeye Large Atlas Rotor
ID: 417
Prefab Name: HE_Rotor_Large_10110
Hawkeye Large Atlas Rotor

Rarity: Rare
Corporation: Hawkeye
License Grade: 3

Purchase Value
27837 ฿฿
Scrap Value
9279 ฿฿

What do these stats mean?:
Health Points: 750
Mass: 4

The "Atlas" rotor is a heavy duty piece of kit. An extremely powerful engine drives this wide wing span rotor to generate extreme lift. It also converts any linear axis that it is aligned with into a throttle input. Use the Helicopter Control Scheme’s Lift controls to Ascend and Descend when a Rotor is vertically aligned. If aligned to other directions (Acceleration or Strafe), then Rotors will work with those controls instead.

The Hawkeye Large Atlas Rotor is a grade 3 Flight block manufactured by Hawkeye. Like all Hawkeye blocks, it can be crafted with a Hawkeye Fabricator.

It has 2 attachment point(s) and takes up 137 cell(s).


Being a massive rotor with great lift and the ability to be stacked on each other, the Atlas rotor is a strong piece of kit, requiring very few numbers in order to be effective at lifting entire techs. However, it has less utility compared to other flight blocks. As a single rotor, it does not allow much control, which is further hampered by the fact that helicopter controls (as well as chopper rotor/linear motion engine controls) in TerraTech are extremely hard to apply to such techs. Hover pads or even anti-gravity engines would work much better with adjustment thrusters. It also leaves one with no room to install weapons from above, limiting the tech to mainly air-ground combat unless weapon pylons are used to attack those weapons but even then, it's just better not to use it at all, due to the massive space required. Even the flying fortress hover pad works much better, as it takes much less space, but still supports great mass on it's own, and has enough power to bring a tech to considerable heights. It might not be much but it's still enough for most purposes in-game.

Do not consider using it as a regular propeller other than being the main rotor of a chopper, as there just isn't enough room in the game for this to happen.


  • At 137 cells, it is the largest flight block in the entire game, though most of the space is just reserved for the rotors to spin.
    • Because of this, weapons can actually shoot through the rotors, though sometimes they may be blocked instead.
  • Certain military choppers have a radar similar to the Hawkeye Pointer Radar on the top of their rotors. The empty spot on top is an obvious reference to this.
    • It could also be a reference to the fact that certain toy choppers have stacking rotors.
    • The same is also present on the Hawkeye medium storm rotor.