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Hawkeye Private Military Corporation, better known simply as Hawkeye, is the fourth corporation in TerraTech. It specialises in heavy ballistic weapons and armour.

TT Official Description[]

“Ex-military meat-heads form a private military company. Special forces mercenaries for hire who work for the richest people oppress the poorest. These cold hard killers tout high-tech gucci gear that would be way beyond the reach of the average grunt's pay packet. We supply the tools for badass black-ops guys who are here to get the job done, and get back in time for chow.”

Hawkeye started out as a private military company, essentially mercenaries hired by governments and despots alike to do seriously dirty work. As Hawkeye grew it expanded out into arms manufacturing and sales too, levering the expert knowledge of its employees to offer the most efficient, no-nonsense tools for making warfare.

The Hawkeye blocks are generally near futuristic versions of current military technology. So big miniguns, cannons and explosives. All of these are mounted on matte black vehicles that are shaped and styled like black-ops military hardware crossed with stealth bomber angles. It's not interested in mining equipment or wacky energy weapons, just bold, simple bullets.


Hawkeye has an extensive line of weapons and tactical defense equipment. Such blocks are more specialized in combat than almost any other corporation, which gives them a massive advantage in-game over any other corp. Although they can't make an imposing war machine, light tactical vehicles aren't bad options either.

They are also the first corporation to have blocks that support permanent vertical flight, rather than just hovering, effectively allowing Helicopters to be constructed.

Most Hawkeye blocks tend to be tougher than those from other corporations. Even when compared to strength per single cell, they still have a lot of health per cell. As a drawback, almost everything they make are very heavy, especially for the basic blocks. This is similar to GeoCorp, however Hawkeye blocks are more versatile.


  • Sergeant Smash
  • Spider King (Deceased)
  • Groundhog
  • Bomber Command

License Acquisition[]

GSO inventory icon smul.png License 4 - Bird of Prey


Grade 1:

Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png BLACK OP Wet Work (series)

Grade 2:

Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png Bomber Command

Grade 3:

Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png Crowntop Hill Fort

Repeatable missions:

Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png Tech Gang/Army
Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png Supply Drop
Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png Defend Friendly Tech
Hawkeye inventory icon smul.png Defeat Enemy Waves


  • Hawkeye is the second corporation whose full name contains an acronym.
  • They seem to have at least a single HQ that is supplying them with orders remotely.
    • They also have an RND facility, implied from the description of the Hawkeye Zeus Laser Cannon.
  • Some of the corp's blocks contain objections and disagreements to their counterparts of other corps.

Concept Art[]