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GeoCorp Powerlifter Hover
ID: 689
Prefab Name: GC_Hover_222
GeoCorp Powerlifter Hover

Rarity: Uncommon
Corporation: GeoCorp
License Grade: 3

Purchase Value
3321 ฿฿
Scrap Value
1107 ฿฿

What do these stats mean?:
Health Points: 1188
Mass: 8

GeoCorp, making a hover pad? But they don't have any way to steer it… or propel it… But look at the size of this thing! Do you know how much it can lift? No? Neither do I, but I bet that it's a lot! Oh boy!

The GeoCorp Powerlifter Hover is a grade 3 Flight block manufactured by GeoCorp. Like all GeoCorp blocks, it can be crafted with a GeoCorp Fabricator.

It has 12 attachment point(s) and takes up 8 cell(s).


A high-torque flight block, the powerlifter is a much better alternative to any other corp's counterparts and can be readily relied on for heavy lifting. While the cell count is indeed high and may take up a lot of room, on top of not being so durable, it nevertheless offers much more force for it's buck while taking less space. It's AP distribution also opens up many options for a hovering tech.

Keep in mind that using this as the primary hover power source would require a lot of other adjustment thrusters, as, like all hover pads, it's steering is horrible on it's own.


  • This is technically the only proper flight block manufactured by GeoCorp as the Eagle Heavy Booster is too heavy for flight while the Jetson Adjustment Thruster only goes so far with it's strength unable to support entire techs.
  • Despite the description, all hover pads have some steering capability, which varies depending on the specific block in question.