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GeoCorp is the second corporation in TerraTech, which specialises in heavy-duty mining equipment. Their blocks are durable and heavy, while their wheels are slow, but have a very high torque.

TT Official Description[edit | edit source]

Mining and construction specialists packing the biggest, heaviest power tools. These hard-hat wearing, utility belt men like machines that pack a punch. The bigger the better. They aren't interested in weapons; jack hammers and industrial grade drills are what gets these guys going. It's tool time.

GeoCorp was initially a company that built industrial mining and construction vehicles. When it moved into the off-world mining business it kept playing to its strengths and still offers the biggest, most powerful bits of machinery around - as long as you’re not interested in projectile weapons.

The GeoCorp vehicles are great for mining the natural resources on these alien planets. If you want to cut through a whole forest of trees in one charge, you’ll want to build your vehicle with GeoCorp parts. Its giant tractor pads also mean that its vehicles can pick-up the most resources for transportation too. Because of their size and rugged construction, its blocks also act as great platforms to build large, imposing battle vehicles - you'll just have to source the ranged weapons from another corporation as GeoCorp does not make any guns at all.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

GeoCorps arsenal mainly contain massive blocks. They are usually a uniform 2x2x2, if not larger. They also do not sell ranged weapons, instead offering tools that could pound rocks to ash, mow down trees and, when given the chance, deal heavy damage to enemy techs that have no way against melee. However, their wheel blocks are powerful, with high torque at the cost of speed, allowing the player to build entire platforms, harvest resources, and deploy a variety of other blocks (even from other corp) to defend itself - all in a single tech. Technically their health density per block is not very high, but that is mostly a negligible issue given the potential of space a GeoCorp Tech can provide.

GeoCorp is a very common corporation to encounter similar to GSO. The enemies are known to be the most difficult to kill in the late game due to plentiful mounted weapons and the high durability (the enormous parts continue blocking damage even when they fall off). Overall, GeoCorps main use is for the foundation and structure of large techs and power storage, while utilizing other corporations' blocks for weapons and utility.

NPC[edit | edit source]

  • Big Pete (Only appears in Big Yellow)
  • Wing-Nut (Only appears in Rock Creek Bridge)

License Acquisition[edit | edit source]

GSO inventory icon smul.png License 2 - Big Yellow

Missions[edit | edit source]

Grade 1:

GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Novice Harvester (series)

Grade 2:

GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Mineral Harvester (series)
GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png The Almighty Cube

Grade 3:

GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Master Harvester (series)
GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Rock Creek Bridge
GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png The Almighty Cube II and III

Repeatable missions:

GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Supply Drop
GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Defeat Enemy Waves
GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Tech Gang
GeoCorp inventory icon smul.png Defend Friendly Tech

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • GeoCorp is colloquially referred to as "Miners" by the Chinese players.
  • The GeoCorp emblem resembles a drill, as well as hazard strips on warning tapes.
  • GeoCorp is usually the second corporation one will gain access to - as early as GSO Grade 2.
  • Due to programming limitations, there are no GeoCorp machines doing mining work in-game. Almost all GeoCorp enemy techs are combat techs armed with many weapon blocks from other corps to shred the player at range.

Concept Art[edit | edit source]