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GSO Thimble Collector
ID: 28
Prefab Name: GSO_Tractor_111
GSO Thimble Collector

Rarity: Common
Corporation: GSO
License Grade: 2

Purchase Value
231 ฿฿
Scrap Value
77 ฿฿

What do these stats mean?:
Health Points: 150
Mass: 1

Standard issue GSO collector for transporting up to 5 resources to the desired destination.

After a heady night of celebratory space drinking (similar to high altitude drinking), cosmonaut - Erasmus Guy, woke up in an EVA suit suspended in the holding beam of his trusty thimble pad. Were it not for the pad he would have floated away into open space. He now happily warns any new cadets about the unique pleasures of waking up upside-down wearing a suit filled with chunder in a zero-g holding beam.

The GSO Thimble Collector is a grade 2 accessory block manufactured by GSO. Like all GSO blocks, it can be crafted with a GSO Fabricator.

It has 5 attachment point(s) and takes up 1 cell(s).


Main article: Collectors

The thimble collector has a average beam strength (can hold unto item at 200+mph), average capacity of 5 and 15 blocks pick up range. This is not impressing, but it's the earliest thing you'll get for collecting resources and for transporting them around. It will be outclassed either by GeoCorp's resource collectors or GSO Flat-Bed Collector, which has slightly better range.


  • The thimble collector appears during Striking Out mission, where BB100 worth of resource chunks must be sold. This block must be purchased in order to proceed with the mission.
  • The description implies that the Thimble Collector, and presumably all others, use anti-gravity technology to hold the resources.
    • However, this one does not require any electric-relevant components/resources to craft.