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GSO 4x Redux Mega Booster
ID: 58
Prefab Name: GSO_MegaBooster_112
GSO 4x Redux Mega Booster

Rarity: Rare
Corporation: GSO
License Grade: 4

Purchase Value
11118 ฿฿
Scrap Value
3706 ฿฿

What do these stats mean?:
Health Points: 400 (Volatile)
Mass: 4

A juggernaught booster jet. Drinks fuel and blasts off.

The GSO 4x Redux Mega Booster is a grade 4 Flight block manufactured by GSO. Like all GSO blocks, it can be crafted with a GSO Fabricator.

It has 4 attachment point(s) and takes up 8 cell(s).


The 4x Redux Mega Booster has a high fuel drain, only second to the GeoCorp Eagle Heavy Booster, albeit with less fuel consumption rate. It is most ideal in providing torque to larger techs over difficult terrain.

However, as the booster is quite heavy, it will effectively add significant weight to the tech it is mounted on, thus severely penalizing the boost's effects. For pure velocity, boosters from Better Future or Venture usually offer more thrust while taking less cells.


  • Redux is a rare English word that can be roughly translated to "From an earlier time" or just "Retro." This Suggests that the 4x Redux Mega Booster is actually a rocket engine that was formerly used to send GSO Rockets into space, but has since degraded in quality and the amount of thrust provided was significantly lower than space standards.
    • Also, the name implies that the booster is made from a set of four smaller boosters. Coincidentally, this layout is used by most modern rockets intended for space missions, where four smaller rockets are attached to the sides of a larger one. This is usually seen at the bottom of a rocket.
      • The difference is that the Redux Mega Booster is not capable of detaching it's small rockets.
        • The role of the smaller rockets are replaced by the GSO Tetrox Booster Jet, though they are not the same in appearance, the Tetrox Booster Jet still bears a great resemblance to the smaller rockets seen on most rocket engines.