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The concept of Corporations was, is, and will remain as one of the unique aspects of TerraTech. Each corp has a unique set of blocks, designed with the specializations of each corp back on earth for use by off-world prospectors, that the player and their competitors will use to advantage within their task at hand.

Currently, there are six Corporations. Of these, two are present since the game's global launch, and four more are added to regular gameplay. Payload Studios is currently planning on two more corporations to add.

Current Corporations[]

Galactic Survey Organization[]

A tired eastern-bloc-style government run organization, full to the brim with bureaucracy and health and safety paranoia. Budgets are stretched thin. Equipment is old, battered hand-me-downs that have been patched and chipped so many times that you can’t really tell what they must have looked like originally. Weapons are retro-fitted, low grade rubbish that is clearly ill suited to the job at hand. A dusty old department that lost sight of their goal and gave up long ago.


Mining and construction specialists packing the biggest, heaviest power tools. These hard-hat wearing, utility belt men like machines that pack a punch. The bigger the better. They aren’t interested in weapons; jack hammers and industrial grade drills are what gets these guys going. It’s tool time.


A charming, charismatic extreme sports champion and businessman starts a new company selling a grand adventure to any and all who are brave enough to take up the challenge. Tricked out jet buggies, coated in bright decals, sponsorship stickers and caked in mud, blast across the landscape looking for thrills and riches in an unexplored world. Adrenaline junkies looking for the next big wave to ride.


Ex-military meat-heads form a private military company. Special forces mercenaries for hire who work for the richest people oppress the poorest. These cold hard killers tout high-tech gear that would be way beyond the reach of the average grunt’s pay packet. We supply the tools for badass black-ops guys who are here to get the job done, and get back in time for chow.

Better Future[]

Design geeks creating ultra sleek, minimalist, desirable objects have turned their styluses to developing a range of green, carbon negative, enviro harvesters. These secretive hype-teases are selling us the opportunity to prospect the new world in style, for a luxury fee. They’re changing everything, yet again!

Reticule Research[]

Mad professors running wild making crazy weaponry. The vehicles are standard modern day fair, but the weapons mounted on to them are turbocharged and out of this world. These bizarre weapons give little indication of their actual function and they are just as likely to work as to blow their operator to pieces. Evil geniuses who’ve found the keys to the toy box.

Upcoming Corporations/Factions[]

Space Junkers[]

The scrap heap heroes of the off world mining circuit. These are survivalist sci-fi mountain men who are battle hardened and scarred from years of living off the land in the prospectors frontier. They are reactionary guys who are sick of having their hard fought spoils conned from them by the bigger Corps. Their machines are hand made patch works of old salvaged wrecks, covered over with war paint. Space hermits riding mad contraptions.


Techno goths and internet creeps form a weird cult devoted to creating super intelligent AI. Their terrifying creation is a dreadlocked, baby faced, bionic tentacle nightmare with a sense of humour from the darkest corners of the internet. This dark creation is about as sinister and weird as it gets.


  • Space Junkers and Legion are not technically corporations but rather a small collection of people who share some common interest.
  • Reticule Research was added as an official corporation due to extremely negative player feedback at its initial release, as RR generated significant hype for extended periods.
    • When it was removed, all of the monochromic "Experimental" blocks were re-skinned to RR. The only exception is EXP Big Top Nose Propeller, as it was assigned to Venture simultaneously.
  • GSO and GeoCorp were present before 0.2.0.
  • Venture was added in 0.2.5.
  • Hawkeye was added in 0.7.0.
  • Better Future was added in 1.0.2.
  • Reticule Research was added to the game in 1.3.7, replacing the Experimental Corporation, which in turn was locked behind the RnD Labs DLC.
    • A vast majority of the original Experimental Blocks were still locked behind some paid DLCs. After 1.4, it was officially added in campaign.
    • RR/Experimental Blocks' catalogue vary over time, with new ones being added and old ones ported to other corporations. They are the only corporations with this attribute.