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Components are special resource chunks vital for almost all types of crafting. They are only made from refined resources, or found from scrapped blocks.

They come in four different tiers; Basic, Advanced, Complex, and Exotic.

Higher-tiered components are worth more Block Bucks and have more complex crafting trees then lower-tiered components, not to mention that they are a requirement for crafting certain blocks. ALL components sell more than the combined value of whatever things required to craft them.

In order to craft a component from any given tier, the corresponding Component Dongle must be physically connected to the Component Factory in use. For every tier, there must be a dongle. Attaching an Exotic Dongle will only grant access to the Exotic tier, for example, but not for the others. Basic Components do not require any dongle.

In terms of speed, it more intuitive to get blocks by purchasing. However, what makes crafting alluring is that all blocks are brought at exactly three times of their sell value, or in this case, the value of their composites, therefore making crafting thrice as effective in terms of cost (Technically, in the form of saving the purchase price), although one will need to gather and store a lot of resources with a lot more effort. Additionally, undiscovered blocks can be unlocked by crafting, while purchasing and looting are unlikely to have a stable outcome.

The following image covers (perhaps) every component that one can ever encounter.

Component Flow Chart[]

Component FLow Chart 06.png


Basic Components[]

Requires no dongles.

ID# Name Description Ingredients Value (฿฿) Ingredients Value (฿฿) Value added
43 Fibre Plating is a component made from high density Fibron. It's fairly light, but also reasonably strong and cheap too. It won't stand up to heavy weapons as well as Plumbia and Titania based materials, but it's still fairly robust for the price and weight. 48 36 33 %
44 This component chunk contains all the nuts, bolts, and fastenings you will need to construct all sorts of doohickeys and thingamajigs. 103 77 34 %
45 This is an incredibly tough material. Titania is one of the toughest metals discovered and this is a purified and galvanised plate of it. 111 83 34 %
46 An explosive charge and reinforced barrel chamber. This all purpose component is used in the construction of a variety of different weapons and even far ranging applications like booster jets. 310 233 33 %
47 A Fuel Injector nozzle is a key component used in most engines. This is a much used component in wheels and Boosters. 340 255 33 %
48 A basic Rodistic electrode cell. A key component needed for storing and distributing electric charges. 341 256 33 %
49 This Heating Coil helps circulate engine coolant flows through radiator coils and air flows past the coils, which cools and coolant and heats the incoming air. 909 683 33 %
50 This Hard Light Drive is used to project gravity displacement fields. Its applications vary between Shield Bubbles, Hover Plates and SCU Storage Devices. 938 705 33 %
51 This Sensory Transmitter is an Erudian based processor used in the construction of AI Modules and Cabs 939 706 33 %

Advanced Components[]

Requires the GSO Advanced Component Dongle

ID# Name Description Ingredients Value (฿฿) Ingredients Value (฿฿) Value added
52 This component is a more rugged version of Fibre Plating. A much stronger, reinforced and improved component. 94 75 25 %
53 An upgraded set of fastenings and greebles made from a ultra heat treated and carbonised Plubonic Alloy. These are much harder wearing and used in the construction of higher grade Blocks. 230 184 25 %
54 Titanic Alloy is the ultimate form for anyone seeking a highly resistant material. This alloy is used in the production of nuclear grade blast shields. 252 201 25 %
55 A highly powerful explosive composite, Z4 Explosives are used in the production of most mid range frag and high explosive munitions. 575 460 25 %
56 Ion Pulse Cell is a mid range battery cell that holds a greater amount of charge in its enriched Rodistic cell. 634 507 25 %
57 The Cyclone Jet is a form of Turboprop. Air is drawn into the intake and compressed by the compressor. Fuel is then added to the compressed air in the combustor, where the fuel-air mixture then combusts. The hot combustion gases expand through the turbine. 650 520 25 %
58 The Plasma Emitter works by projecting powerful beams at a perfectly cut Ignian prism which combine into a devastatingly powerful plasma beam. 1418 1134 25 %
59 The Zero Point Splitter is a key component used in creation of inter-dimensional rifts. It's a powerful and mysterious device that seems to be able to open portals to... somewhere else. 1473 1178 25 %
60 This is a powerful synthetic brain, or learning computer. Mother Brain is a state of the art Component used in the construction of complex, self aware AI units that can think and make decisions on their own. 1465 1172 25 %

Complex Components[]

Requires the GSO Complex Component Dongle

ID# Name Description Ingredients Value (฿฿) Ingredients Value (฿฿) Value added
61 Dervish Gel, also known as "Liquid Hellfire". A highly prized explosive component as it is very stable and easily transportable and can be kept and stored for a long time. But when exposed to the correct charge, it is also one of the most violently explosive materials available. 1781 1484 20 %
62 The Coffman Cell is a component that provides unparalleled charging speeds and storage. This device is used in the most bleeding edge electronic devices. 1888 1573 20 %
63 The Thermo Jet component helps make the most powerful and efficient booster jet engines around. 1906 1588 20 %

Exotic Components[]

Requires the GSO Exotic Component Dongle

ID# Name Description Ingredients Value (฿฿) Ingredients Value (฿฿) Value added
64 The Gluon Beam does not fire streams of gluons, but interferes with the gluons already present in any object targeted. The beam interferes with the fundamental interactions of matter, destabilizing them until they implode. 3743 3202 17 %
65 Seed AI is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) which improves itself by recursively rewriting its own source code without human intervention. Initially this program had minimal intelligence, but over the course of many iterations it evolved beyond human-equivalent to trigger the singularity. 3924 3353 17 %
66 The Proxima Dark component is key to any warp engine used for FTL Travel. 3954 3379 17 %


  • Components are similar to the now-removed Alloys, as both are made from multiple types of resources and sell for more than the combined value of whatever that's used to craft them. However, Components are able to be used in crafting and come in much more flavors, whereas Alloys were only sellable.
  • There are no scrappers for components, so the process of crafting one is irreversible.
  • Certain components contain quite a few interesting details, either as references to other things, or just being a component in a block that they are seemly not associated with:
    • The Gluon Beam is a reference to the Gluon Gun in Half-Life, both capable imploding matter. Ironically, the Gluon Gun does launch a beam. Additionally, the Plasma Emitter, a beam-launching component, is used to craft it. The Gluon Beam is also a requirement of crafting certain Beam-Firing weapons, despite the description. However, these are introduced after the Gluon Beam's existence.
    • The Zero Point Splitter is a reference to the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, its expansions, and the Portal Gun, all products of Valve. The Gravity Gun and the Portal Gun are equipped with a Zero-Point Field Manipulator, and the Portal Gun is able to create two portals linking to each other.
    • Z4 Explosives is a reference to C4 Explosives, a plastic explosive commonly used for demolition purposes and portable munitions, but never as launched ammo.
    • The Thermo Jet is used in many wheel blocks, and not just jet engines or rocket-based weapons, suggesting that it has a much wider range of applications than the description states.
    • The Seed AI is used for most Rocket-based homing weapons, suggesting that the AI possess fast code generation in order to compensate the changes that the rockets might encounter.
    • The Mother Brain is, simply by the name used, a reference to the Metroid series of games, as Mother Brain is both "a powerfull synthetic brain" and a recurring boss.
    • The Proxima Dark is not used for warp engines, as anything similar to that was absent from TerraTech. Instead, it was used in a few select blocks with varying functions, ranging from the Hawkeye Havoc Shield to the GSO Megaton Cannon.
    • The Titanic Alloy's description mentions that they were used for Nuclear Grade Blast Shields, hinting that Nuclear weapons and defenses exist in the world of TerraTech, but are not introduced.