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Colour Blocks
ID: 361-395
Colour Blocks

Rarity: Common
Corporation: Special
License Grade: 1

Can't be crafted
Purchase Value
150 ฿฿

What do these stats mean?:
Health Points: 250
Mass: 1

A colour block for making pretty patterns.

Colour Blocks are structure blocks. Outside of appearance and price, they are identical to the GSO One Block.

These blocks come in 19 colours: black, white, gray, purple, indigo, dark blue, blue, light blue, light green, green, camping green, yellow green, yellow, orange, brown, red, magenta, light pink, and pink. 3 of these colours, camping green, indigo, and light pink, were selected by the players Hankey Camping, Sleepcakes, and streak1 respectively.

There is also a set of 5 colour blocks called Flesh Tone Blocks. As the name suggests, these blocks come in various skin tones for the various races of people. Perfect for making pixel art of a person. These blocks were selected by the player ReaperX.