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Here is a basic ,but much needed description of how a lot of the games mechanics affecting blocks.

Make sure not to miss:

Damage types.

Primary and secondary splash radius.


Energy/damage ratio.

Repair/energy ration.

Max repair per minute.

Max energy usage per minute.

General block mechanics[]

Health points[]

Health points or hp is a number that represents health of a block.


Mass is the weight of a block measured in in game units[]

Damage type[]

There are multiple Damage types ,each block will receive more damage or less damage from each type of weapon according to its damage type.


How often blocks will fall off.

Blocks can mostly fall off if their hp is less then 20% of max.

The lower the hp ,the higher the chance they will fall off (up to 100% for a fragility of 1 and up to 10% for a fragility of 0.1)

A fragility of 1 means blocks will practically always fall off when they get shot on very low health ,even if inside a Repair Bubble

Most blocks have a fragility of 1.

Most armor blocks save for Hawkeye have a fragility of 0.1 ,meaning they will fall only 1/10 shots when their hp is almost 0, and practically never fall above 50% health (while Hawkeye armor blocks have a fragility of 1 which is the downside of the hp gain over GSO)

Death damage/radius/impulse[]

The explosion damage a block will deal in a certain radius when destroyed.

Impulse is how much knockback will be generated by that explosion.


The in-game id of certain blocks.

Weapon block mechanics[]


The damage dealt to blocks/shields for 1 shot multiplied by the way its Damage type affects that type of block/shield.


How long the weapon will take to reload 1 shot/1 volley.

Primary splash radius[]

How many blocks out the damage Explosive Damage type weapons will do full damage.

Secondary damage[]

Each explosive weapon has 2 explosions ,the main one ,and a secondary one with lower damage but higher radius.

This is the damage of that secondary explosion

Secondary splash radius[]

The splash radius the the secondary explosion mentioned above.^

Firing knockback[]

The force your tech receives as knockback from the firing of a weapon ... i guess...

Weapon rotate speed[]

How fast a Weapon rotates in degrees/second.

Damage type AGAIN[]

This time its about weapon damage type.

There are multiple Damage types ,each weapon will deal more damage or less damage to each type of block or shield according to its damage type.

Shot velocity[]

The velocity of a projectile.

Projectile spray[]

Higher this number is ,the lower the accuracy of a weapon.

Projectile lifetime[]

After this many seconds ,the projectile will just disappear into nothingness.

Energy block mechanics[]

Passive energy usage[]

Blocks like shield projectors and repair bubbles will use a pre-determent amount of energy for each minute they are active.

Energy capacity[]

The power capacity of a Battery in in game units (duh).

Energy generation[]

How many units of energy a generator produces ,typically written both in terms of minutes and seconds.

Charging rate[]

How fast a wireless charger transfers energy to other techs.

For example Venture Remote Charger which has the fastest charging rate of 15000 energy/min can charge a GSO Small Battery Cell Which has 1500 power capacity in 6 seconds or 10 of them per minute.


Shields will block damage by blocking the incoming shots with their force field.

If a weapon is fired from within the shield bubble, the shield wont be able to block it (obviously)

Most types of damage are completely negated by shields ,save for melee ,fire and explosives.

When an explosive shell hits the shield ,it will detonate ,and the explosive damage caused by that detonation will completely ignore shields ,passing straight though them and damaging the blocks on the other side if the explosion radius is big enough

thus bigger shields are a lot better against explosions.

Energy to damage ratio[]

The energy used for 1 point of damage dealt to shields

this is also affected by Damage type multipliers.

Repair bubbles[]

Repair bubbles repair all blocks within their sphere of influence.

Repair to energy ratio[]

How many Health points are repaired by repair bubbles for each unit of energy used.

Max energy per minute[]

The maximum amount of energy a device can use while operating

Some devices have a limit on this like Repair Bubbles ,and some don't like Shields (in which case the maximum energy used per minute depends on the damage it receives).

Max repair per minute[]

The maximum repair rate of a repair bubble per minute ,shared across all blocks being healed by it

for example if a GSO Repair Bubble Projector which heals for a maximum of 12,000 hp per minute ,is repairing 20 blocks simultaneously ,it will heal each block for 600 hp per minute

This effect stacks with multiple repair bubbles ,so if a block is covered by 2 repair bubbles ,it will heal at double the rate.

Going back to the previous example ,if 20 damaged blocks are covered by 2 GSO Repair Bubble Projectors, it they will heal for 1200 hp/min instead of 600.



Max speed[]

Maximum speed of wheels.


Acceleration of wheels.

Flight blocks[]

Lift force[]

The force generated by a flight block (in any direction, not always upwards)

300 Force = 5 Mass of lift


Fuel capacity[]

How many units of fuel a fuel tank has

Refill rate[]

How fast a fuel tank regenerates fuel units

Interesting observations[]


When a cab explodes ,it has an explosion radius and it pushes blocks away, but blocks within its radius take no damage