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Blocks are a major gameplay element in TerraTech.

General Information[]

All techs or bases the player will make, find or fight, will be made out of blocks. Block performances can vary, but they will always have a set of fixed values barring their unique or notable abilities.

Blocks by class
Used to form structures of a tech or add specialized protection.
Forms the center hub that can be built upon and relied on.
Powers the techs' ground movement.
Spices up engagement in many awesome styles.
Augments display features and enhances general performance in their field of specialization.
Introduces electricity-based merits and downsides.
Uses various blocks like anchors to make up and use resources (chunks) to manufacture factories and many structures.
Allows aerial movement with infinite possibilities.
Blocks by Corporation
Average if not below-par stats for their level. Generally cheap and outclassed easily.
Large blocks at the expense of total durability with short-ranged heavy-hitting mining tools.
Light and fragile blocks revolving their utility on velocity.
Tactical equipment superior to any other corporation for engagements.
Glamorous blocks that combine form with function superior to than any other if the price is right.
Atypical items of novelty, utility and insanity.

License Grade[]

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Blocks are also separated by License Grades, and player must complete enough missions or destroy enough competitors-techs of relevant types to upgrade their License Grade and get access to all blocks made by a specific corporation.

License Grade defines only what blocks can appear in the Trading Station's shop or on the enemy techs. All blocks can be crafted after gaining the relevant fabricators, they will be just initially marked as "unknown".


Common Uncommon Rare Block's rarity determines the chance it will be found inside The Reward Crate or sold by Trading Station.

Block mechanics[]

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  • Building a tech with 50 different blocks on it will grant the achievement "Chock-a-Block".